Roswell Georgia Chiropractors

Dr. Dan Batchelor
270 South Atlanta st
Roswell Georgia 30075

Dr Batchelor's reputation has grown far and wide with many patients traveling from other states including Florida, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Patients can call to make an appointment and be treated the same day. If you need information on hotel accomodations, please call our front desk at 770-992-2002.

Our goal is to provide care in an efficient and timely manner. We pride ourselves in keeping patient waiting time to an extreme minimum. Please do not rush or become stressed in trying to keep your appointment. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment time we will be happy to see you the day of your appointment with no problem.

We are open very early in the morning and late at night by appointment. This makes it possible for patients that work during the day to receive treatment. Hours are 6am-9pm by appointment.

Our fee schedule is in keeping with the reasonable and customary fees of Georgia insurance companies. We are members of most managed care groups ( PPO, HMO )(usually only a $10 copay) throughout the country. Our office offers a number of payment plans for families, and well patient care. Personal injury cases are accepted.

The greatest compliment is for our patients to refer their friends and relatives. Our clinic serves Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Woodstock, Stone Mountain, Cumming, Canton, and all of Atlanta.

As you experience the benefits of Chiropractic, you will want to share this knowledge with your friends. Our office is full of research and pamphlets and holds a Patient Workshop (class) twice per month. We welcome your interest.

As a doctor and as an athlete, Dr. Batchelor has published over 500 articles on “Chiropractic Sports Medicine”.

Dr. Batchelor was recently interviewed on national CNN headline news as Atlanta's expert on athletic injury and back pain rehabilitation.

Recently, the A&E Channel came to the Batchelor Clinic for 4 hours. Dr. Batchelor is the treating doctor for a 350 pound Roswell Georgia man that has been unwilling to acknowledge the fact that he needs to lose weight or have himself examined and treated for a variety of conditions related to his obesity. His family intervened and convinced him the need for professional care. The A&E channel was there every step of the way as they filmed Dr. Batchelor's entire consultation, examination and treatment of the 350 pound Roswell man. The documentary will be televised within the next month on the A&E channel.

Dr. Batchelor is an actor in an upcoming movie “Against the Wind”, soon to be released into a theater near you. He is a supporting actor playing the part of a fighter pilot that later becomes a Federal DEA undercover agent sent to eliminate leaders of a major illegal drug(opium) organization. The movie was filmed in the jungles of Costa Rica and Nicaragua and in Malaysia and in the mountains of North Carolina.

Dr. Batchelor is a monthly columnist on Sports Medicine for several fitness magazines and has spoken to dozens of clubs and lectured to many medical colleges on Sports Medicine.

Dr. Batchelor's other accomplishments:Winner of over 350 5k and 10k roadraces.5k PR 14:5910k PR 32:28Half Marathon PR 1:13Marathon PR 2:39

Dr. Batchelor is the overall winner of the Subaru Challenge Triathlon.

He has also been a consultant for Runners World, Running in Georgia, Run and See Georgia, Running Journal, and The Georgia Runner magazines.

Expert witness for testifying in court in regards to "injuries sustained in automobile injuries"

Performed as a dancer in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Dr. Batchelor has run over 60,000 miles, biked over 250,000 miles and has treated over 100,000 patients including many beginning as well as Olympic athletes from all over the world.Patients include John Tuttle-Olympic Marathoner, Keith Brantley-Olympic Marathoner, World Class runners- Katie Schilly and Linda Mclennan, Marcos Barreto-World Class 5k runner from Mexico, Craig Virgin- World Cross Country Champion and winner of the Peachtree Roadrace several times, Kelly Jenson-Olympic Steeplechaser, including Falcon football players, professional hockey players, members of the World Softball Championship team, winners of the Western States 100 Mile ultramarathon race, Tour De France Italian Cycling team, MMA (mixed martial arts) Ultimate Fighters, professional hockey players, professional golfers, professional triathletes, Olympic Soccer players, etc.

Recent invited quest speaker for the Huntsville Rocket City Marathon(voted as one of the top 10 marathons in the USA by Runners World).

Guest speaker for the Chattahoochee Road Runners, Joints in Motion training team, Macon Track Club, Rome Track Club, Roswell Track Club, Mercer College of Medicine, Americus Track Club, etc etc.

Member Atlanta Track Club

Top 20 Masters runners at Peachtree Roadrace

Services Offered and conditions treated:

Activator Method, Back Decompression Therapy, Cox Technique, Drop Table, Techniques, Full Spine, Gentle Treatments, Gonstead Method, Motion Palpation, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Spinal Adjustments, Thompson Technique, Upper Cervical, Elect. acupuncture, Prescription custom made lightweight orthotics, Chiropractic spinal manipulation, Specific exercise, instruction, Ultrasound, Massage, Traction, X-ray diagnosis, Body fat analysis, Muscle imbalance correction, Computerized nutritional evaluation, Stress fracture diagnosis, Galvanic current, Biomechanics evaluation, Heel spur reduct., Scoliosis correction, Back braces and supplies, Acute Pain, Allergies, Asthma, Arthritis, Bursitis, Auto Accidents, Whiplash, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Dizziness, Vertigo, Family Care, Geriatric Injuries, Insomnia or Sleep Disorders, Kinesiology, Migraines, Headaches, Muscular Problems, Numbness, Nerve Damage, Pediatric Postural Correction, Sciatica, Skeletal Problem, Stress, Tension, Teeth Grinding, TMJ, Tendonitis, Trauma, Work Injuries, Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Electronic Muscle Stimulation, Holistic Healing, Hydrotherapy, Massage Therapy, Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Back and neck pain, Heel spurs, Tennis elbow, Sciatica, Hamstring pain, shoulder, arm pain, muscle spasm, Headaches, Bunions, Ankle sprains, Shin splints, Groin pain, Mortons toe, TMJ syndrome, Numbness, tingling, Chondromalacia, knee pain, Carpal tunnel, syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, Plantar fasciitis, Sacro-illiac, Rotator cuff, injuries

Listed below are some of the therapies that we use for reducing pain.

1. Electrical acupuncture is a therapy that interrupts and blocks the pain messages from the area of pain to the brain so that spasm and pain is reduced.

2. Ultrasound can reduce fibrosis and scar tissue.

3. Traction is used to decompress an area where nerve pressure exists.

4. Chiropractic is used to manipulate misaligned spinal vertebrae into normal alignment.

5. Acuscope is used to reduce spasm and pain.

6. Galvanic current is used to separate the negative from the positive charges in the nerve fiber to break up the pain cycle and reduce spasm.

7. Acuspark is used to reduce acute spasm8. Activator is a low force technique that can reposition misaligned vertebae into more normal position thereby reducing nerve pressure and pain.

8. Interferential is used to reduce swelling, edema, and spasm along with pain.

9. Massage reduces sweling and spasm

10. Spinalator reduces tight muscles

All Insurance Plans Are Welcome (usually $10-$15 copay)

ACN group, Admar, Advantage Plus, Aetna, PPO, Affordable Health & Benefits, Allstate, Ameriplan, American Specialty Health Network (ASHN), Anthem, Automobile Insurance, Great West Life, Guardian, Health Payors, Organization, Health Smart, Preferred Care, Healthstar, American Benefit Plan, American Community, American Family, Amerihealth, Ameriplan, Beechstreet, Benefit Claims, Benefit Concepts, Benefit Planners, Benesight, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, CCN, Central Benefits, Central Reserve, Life Chirosource, Choice Care, Cigna, Citizens, CNA, Health, Conseco, Country, Delta Health Systems, Devon Health Services, Eldorado Evolutions, Healthcare Systems, First Health, Freedom Life, Galaxy, Health, Geico, General American, Healthways, Humana, Liberty Mutual, Medicare, MetLife, Multiplan, Mutual of Omaha, National Provider Network, Nationwide, Mutual, New England, Financial One, Health Plan, Pacific Care, Pacific Life, PEHP, Preferred Health Network, Premier, Principal Financial, Principal Life, Principal Healthcare, Private Healthcare Systems, PHCS, Pro-Net, Progressive, Prudential, ReliaStar, Safeco, State Compensation Fund, State Farm, Stratford, The Hartford, United Health Care, USAA, Aetna, US Healthcare, CNC, First Health, One Health, Principal Health Care of Georgia, SelectCare, Great-West, Guardian Life, Humana, Medicare, Multiplan, Preferred Plan, Managed Chiropractic care, State Merit, Unicare, United Health Care, UHC, USAA, Zurich, Infinity, Farmers Insurance group, Workmans Compensation.

Dr. Daniel C. Batchelor

270 South Atlanta st

Roswell, Georgia 30075


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mile north of the Chattahoochee river on Roswell rd, Roswell, Georgia, 270 South Atlanta st, Roswell, Georgia 30075, 30076, 30077

Located 3 miles from Alpharetta 30023, 30022, 30009, 30005, 30005Located 2 miles from Dunwoody 30338, 30346, 30356, 30360Located 3 miles from Marietta 30006, 30007, 30008, 30061, 30062, 30063, 30064, 30065, 30066, 30067, 30068, 30069, 30090Located 3 miles from Sandy Springs 30328 30342 30350 30358

Dr. Daniel C. Batchelor

Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic-Roswell

270 Atlanta st, Roswell GA 30075

Open 6:45am-7pm by appt


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